Lukas Partl


Lukas has been skiing for 35 years with an average 100 days on snow every year. That is a lot of days in total and skyscraper of experience.

The door to the world of teaching opened right after finishing his Master’s Degree as Physical Education Teacher For Individuals With Special Needs. But after few years Lukas realized that “the mountains are calling“.

"After I did my first ski lesson, the flame started to burn and here I am, 15 years later, teaching, coaching and guidning people in Austria, Switzerland, Lebanon, Czech Republic, Japan, Australia, Canada and USA. It is the whole lifestyle I like about this “ocupation“. Traveling, skiing, and helping other people to improve their technique, build up their confidence or just simply find the best lines down from the mountain."

Lukas is Fully Certified Ski-instructor (ISIA Level 4), Alpine Coach, Telemark and Snowboard instructor with very wide range of knoladge through the whole spectrum of snowsport activities.

Speaking several languages and working all over the world has given him the opportunity to interact with all types of people, from high end clientele wanting five-star service, to people who just want to get up and get moving to have a fun day on the mountain.

Or do you want high level of coaching for expert skiers or training for ski-instructors? No problem, Lukas is a trainer/examiner too!

Lukas‘s Physical Education Degree, experience, and highest ski certifications allows him to see through all the physical aspects or issues that his clients on any level might be dealing with. This gives him the key to help them improve or adjust their technique in an easy and understandable way.

The feedback I am getting from my clients is something which I value the most. Hearing “I feel really safe, comfortable and confident with you” or “I finally understand! Is that really that simple?“ is what gives me a sense of purpose when doing this job. I consider this as my main skill while instructing.

All the education Lukas went through and experience he has collected around the world, led to realization what really matters in the ski industry: outstanding client-oriented service and proffesioanlism in our fied – skiing.

Come to ski with me!

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