Snowbuster performance coaching ski camps cater for all level of skier from beginner to expert. They are not for people who just want to get down the mountain, they are for skiers that are serious about improving. Want to be the best skier you can and to own the mountain? These camps are for you.

If you are looking to take your skiing quickly to the next level, then you need intensive coaching. Traditional ski lessons do a good job, but by focussing on improvement, goals and maximising slope time, Snowbusters will help you improve much faster.

Of course being Snowbusters this is all done in a fun and relaxed way. All the instructors, coaches and guides are fully licenced professionals who’ve dedicated their life to skiing. They love the mountains, and want to pass an understanding of their lifestyle and the skiing culture to you, all whilst helping you improve.

So don’t settle for just learning to ski or only improving your technique. Instead join one of Snowbusters intense performance coaching ski camps to take your skiing to another level, and be introduced to skiing culture with this fun bunch of skiers and snowboarders.

There are five ski camps to choose from:

Beginner Ski Camp

This camp is for complete beginners who’ve never skied before, and nervous skiers who can snow plough and stop, but are unable to link turns. It’s an intensive introduction to skiing that will improve your skiing much quicker than traditional ski school.

The goal of this group is to teach 100% control on easy (blue) and medium (red) slopes using the beginner snow plough technique. But also to introduce parallel turns and teach techniques to keep you safe on slopes you find difficult.

What you’ll learn:

  • Introduction to ski equipment and how to use it

  • What equipment you should choose and what to look out for

  • Maintaining balance

  • How to stand up after a fall

  • How to snow plough and control your speed

  • Snow plough turns and linking turns

  • Introduction to parallel turns

Beginner Plus Ski Camp

This camp is for confident novice skiers who want to really get into skiing. You should already be able to safely stop and make round snow plough turns on green and easy blue pistes. Perhaps you can already link turns at slow speed and skis may be parallel at the end of a turn on easy slopes.

The goal of this camp is to ensure you have 100% control on blue and red runs. And to ensure you are fluently skiing parallel on blues while staying safe on more difficult slopes.

What you’ll learn:

  • Perfecting linked snow plough turns

  • Confident parallel turns on easy slopes

  • Introduction to rhythmical, long, medium, and short radius parallel turns

  • How to parallel turn on steeper ground

Intermediate Ski Camp

The intermediate camp is perfect for skiers who are confident on blues but want to ski more challenging slopes. You’ll already mostly ski parallel, but sometimes use snow plough to initiate turns or to stop. If steep slopes of icy conditions make you nervous then this camp is for you.

The goal of this camp is to get you skiing rhythmical parallel turns on difficult slopes, ensuring you have 100% control in any terrain including red, black and moguls.

What you’ll learn:

  • Perfecting linked parallel turns all over the mountain

  • Introduction to rhythmical, long, medium, and short radius parallel turns on steep terrain

  • Introduction to carving turns

Advance Ski Camp

If you are already a good skier but want to push onto the next level then the advanced camp is for you. It is for skiers who already ski technically well on blue and red trails and control their speed and rhythm on blacks, but who want to ski more challenging terrain with more style.

The primary goals of this camp are to be carving turns on medium slopes, and laying down rhythmical parallel turns in difficult terrain such as black pistes and moguls.

What you’ll learn:

  • Perfecting carving turns of long, medium and short radius

  • Introduction to race carving turns

  • Introduction to moguls

  • Introduction to off piste

Advance Plus Ski Camp

Already have good technique on all terrain and any snow conditions, but would like to improve? Then the Advanced Plus performance coaching is for you. You should enjoy the challenge of steep and difficult terrain and already be able to ski moguls and black diamond trails with confidence using carved turns.

The goal of the Advance Plus Ski Camp is to perfect your style. To ensure you have a solid race carving technique, that you are fluently skiing moguls and variable conditions off-piste.

What you’ll learn:

  • Perfecting carving turns of long, median, short radius on any slope

  • Perfecting race carving turns on any slope

  • Perfecting mogul skiing

  • Perfecting off-piste skiing


5 days ski coaching

5 days ski pass


Flights, travel, accommodation, skiing/snowboarding insurance and food are not included. 


Shared accommodation in self catering apartment will be organized on demand (40€ - 50€ a night)

Ski / snowboard rentals


Ski and snowboard equipment.