The Silvretta Alps on the Austrian Swiss border are perfect for a multi-day hut to hut tour. Touring around the range gives you an incredible experience of the mountain environment. We will encounter glacial terrain, high peaks, wilderness and stunning scenery.

Accessed from the Paznaun Valley in Tirol there are an impressive seventy 3000m peaks in the Silvretta Alps.This includes plenty of non technical summits to bag – there is nothing better than standing atop a mountain you have climbed under your own steam. And of course what goes up must come back down!

The climbs are generally steady and the descents long and varied with plenty of options for different ability levels. The region is renowned for having one of the best networks of huts in the Alps. You’ll usually get comfy private rooms, stunning meals and hot showers.

We will traverse the entire Silvretta range in a week. Whilst you will need previous touring experience, you don’t need to be an expert. Any intermediate or advanced tourers with good fitness levels can complete this tour.

Typically we will climb 700 to 1000 metres a day and will spend five to seven hours in the mountains. The terrain is varied and there are plenty of options to shorten or increase a days tour and we will find plenty of powder for the descents.

The Snowbusters Silvretta Ski Tour is led by fully certified UIAGM guides. The number one priority is always the safety of the group, however we’ll also provide tips along the way to improve your touring efficiency and backcountry skiing.

Staying safe is the goal, so you’ll learn all about avalanche safety equipment. We’ll practice rescues and learn the key skills required just in case the worst happens. Such as conducting group rescues, multiple backfilling, how to dig out victims and useful first aid.

By far the most important aspect of backcountry skiing is avoiding avalanches in the first place. So Snowbusters will help you learn how to read the conditions, understand snow profiles and do snow stability tests. There is some theory to learn but Snowbusters will teach this on the mountain in real life situations.

A successful tour all comes down to good planning. Identifying potential issues – whether they are human, conditions or terrain – before they are a problem is key to staying safe.

We’ll cover the following factors:

1. Using various online and offline resources to plan an appropriate route. Is it both feasible
and realistic?

2. Gathering information about the current conditions, terrain and any human factors to

3. Draw the planned route onto a topographical map.

4. Identify and assess cruxes (points where you are at most risk).

5. Determine at what points decisions should be made and plan the alternatives.

6. Estimate timelines for each section and then allocate fixed times within the groups ability

7. Finally review the entire plan thinking about what could go wrong and set up
contingencies for these problems

The Snowbusters Silvretta Ski Tour is one of the best ways to get into hut-to-hut multi day touring. The mountains here offer a bit of everything with plenty of options to adapt the plans to different ability levels.

Instead of just following a guide, during Snowbusters trips you will be part of the planning, will learn about avalanche safety and rescues. Plus as with all Snowbusters adventures we will share our passion for the mountains with you whilst all having a great time.


5 days guided freeriding / basic avalnache training / technique coaching.

Shared accommodation (FREE CHARGE).


Flights, travel, climbing insurance and food are not included. 


Ski / snowboard rental.

Ski pass if needed.


Touring equipment (skis, split board), avalanche kit (avalnche back pack recomended), normal ski and snowboard equipment.


Suitable for advanced piste skiers / snowboarders and comfortable to advanced off-piste skiers / snowboarders.