Heli / cat skiing & snowboarding: 2022-01-09 - 2022-01-14

Heli / cat skiing & snowboarding

09.01.2022 - 14.01.2022

Epic ski and snowboard camp for all lazy powder lovers who like to shred fresh lines all day and be alone in the mountains. With little help from helicopter and cat we do have unlimited possibilities for any weather in a unique freeride base in Bakhmaro, Gorgia. This camp is for advanced or expert skiers or snowboarders who are cool to ride off-piste terrain.

Are you a powder freak same as us? In freeride base in Bakhmaro, Georgia there are endless fresh lines you can shredd in any weather. With the help of helicopter and catski you can be sure you do not waste any minute of your time. The only limitation will be your fitness and physical abilities. Our guides will make sure you get the best lines considering your skills, abilities and present weather and snow conditions. 


Depending on the weather we will to combine two days of heliskiing with a limitation of one hour a dayand. There is a options for pay for more flying time so do not worry, you get your vertical drop. And four days of unlimited catskiing. 

Safety & Avalanches


We want you to become an idependent free skiers or snowboarder with a n understaniding of all the risks, skills to prevent dangerous situations and ability to react correctly if something goes wrong. During this camp will spend quite some time learning about safety in the mountains. Specifically, how to avoid an avalanche through understanding conditions, reading snow profiles and simple snow stability tests. You’ll learn how to perform an avalanche rescue if things go wrong along with some useful first aid.


Although there is some theory, most of it is taught in real life situations on the mountain. Snowbusters will demonstrate how to organize a group avalanche rescue and you’ll take part in plenty of simulations. This includes multiple backfilling, digging victims and hypothermic treatment. Anyway, do not worry, we know you are there to ride. Same for us and we make sure you get most of the information under you skin during riding action!


Skiing and snowboarding in Georgia


Ten years ago, skiing in Georgia was a well-kept secret known by only a handful of locals and the most adventurous ski vagabonds. This is rapidly changing as the Georgian ski hype spreads throughout Europe and the rest of the world, so it seems about time to write a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about skiing in Georgia!


Until very recently Georgia wasn't thought of as a top ski destination in Europe and the extensive area was shared by just a few locals and the occasional daring ski tourist. This slowly started to change over the last decade though and in the last few years interest has rapidly grown.  Now the word has spread and people are coming in from Europe and the rest of the world to see the amazing skiing Georgia has on offer.

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What you need to know

  1. Designed as a pure and only freeride touring experience without any compromises.
  2. Make sure you are fit, confident on steep off-piste runs skier with previous free ride / ski touring experience. Get in touch with us if you have any doubts.
  3. This is a skiing trip and our number one goal is to maximize your time spent shredding on the mountain. Of course there is always time for some technique coaching, chat and après-ski beer.
  4. We want you to worry as less as possible so we are fully available to assist you in any meaning.

Typical day

What’s included

  • 4 days CATSKI without time or vertical meters limitation
  • 2 days HELISKI - one flying hour (possilble to get more for 10Eur / minute)
  • 6  fully guided days (max. 5 people per guide)
  • All transports 
  • 6 x accommodation at Mountain Ski Base Bachmaro in cottages with private facilities
  • Possible accommodation in a hotel in Kutaisi or Tbilisi - 1 night (breakfast, dinner)
  • 3 x daily food, breakfast buffet, lunch in the form of packages for snowmobile or hike or classic lunch at the base, hot dinner of classic Georgian cuisine, soft drinks included
  • Freeride skis or snowboards with seal belts or snowshoes, telescopic poles
  • Complete avalanche equipment - ABS backpack, avalanche finder, probe, shovel


  • Travel expanses to Kutaisi or Tbilisi
  • Skiing/snowboarding insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages


  • Freeride touring equipment (possible to borrow for FREE)
  • Ski boots
  • Clothes for skiing or snowboarding
  • Helmet (possible to borrow for FREE)
  • ABS backpack, avalanche finder, probe, shovel (possible to borrow for FREE)
  • Thermos
  • First aid kid


Full board is provided throughout your stay in Bakhmar. Breakfast is buffet style. Lunches are in the form of a package in a snowmobile or a helicopter - lunch in a snowmobile consists of broth, bread, roast meat, salami, cheese, vegetables, fruit and hot water for tea or coffee, bottled water is also available. Dinners are several-course and we cook mostly famous Georgian cuisine such as: Chinkali, Khachapuri, Shashlik, Chakapuli, Kebab, etc., of course there are vegetables and salads…


Soft drinks are included in the menu price - alcohol of all kinds is served at the bar… During transports, refreshments are prepared in proven restaurants


Before departure, there is a final dinner in Tbilisi or Kutaisi, or breakfast, if you leave until the next day.


In Bakhmar you will be accommodated in small wooden houses in double or triple rooms, each cottage has its own bathroom and toilet, at the same time there is a kitchen with a living room in each

In the case of a return flight on Sunday, you are provided with bed and breakfast at a hotel in Tbilisi or Kutaisi

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Kopitnari Airport


Kopitnari Airport



09.01.2022 - 14.01.2022

Georgia, Georgia

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